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Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Matte Revolution and Lip Cheat

Hello, hello! How are you? I am having a relatively quiet day at home and procrastinating both cooking and running some errands I absolutely have to run. London is very gloomy today; particularly where we live. Very foggy, frosty and yeah, gloomy. That describes it. I guess, you can also call it atmospheric and whilst I am all up for some cold weather and a hot cup of tea, today I am thinking about my home (well, other home – I am lucky enough to have two) in Greece and the warm summers there. Cannot wait for the summer this year and in the meantime I am consoling myself with a bit of colour and makeup and Pillow Talk, which distracts me from the greyness outside!

Charlotte Tilbury. What can I say, she is almost a legend, right? I will tell you what I don’t like about her company first and then move to all the positives, which are more by far. So, if there is one thing I don’t get on with Charlotte Tilbury Ltd is the marketing. Over. The. Top. All of her products are life changing (I think she literally calls her eye lash curlers life changing) and they do something magic – related (hello, magic foundation, I am looking at you). It’s too much for me and being a linguist who has historically worked quite a bit on the language of the media, I just ignore her marketing for the sake of her product line which is super nice. There will be products I love more than others and ones that I think are not that exciting, but that goes for most brands, doesn’t it?

Today I would like to speak to you about the legendary and iconic (I can see a little Charlotte in me right now – oops!) Pillow Talk lip cheat and the newly released Pillow Talk Matt Revolution lipstick. But first let’s start with the lip liner which has been in the market since Charlotte launched her line and, I’m telling you ladies, it’s a beautiful natural lip liner which suits all skin tones and can be used with most lipsticks.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Cheat Liner

Pillow Talk Lip Cheat Liner

I love this lip liner. I am not into liners generally, although I like them. I don’t own too many, but this one I’ve repurchased a couple of times. You can wear it with any colour lipstick, or on its own, and it looks good. Longevity is fantastic. I have not paired it with a red lippie though; I should maybe try to see how that’ll work. Have you tried wearing Pillow Talk with a red lipstick or you’re like me, always going with red lip – red liner?

Charlotte released a special edition lipstick duo for Valentine’s Day. Pillow Talk in Matte  Revolution and Valentine in her KISSING formula. The first one was much anticipated and has been sought after since the day it launched. Or, thus I am told by the CT makeup artist who I spoke to last week. By the way, if you ever visit the Charlotte Tilbury boutique in Covent Garden, you will love it. It’s a boudoir, in its literal sense. A heaven for beauty, celebrating luxury in a beautifully designed store, nothing like I’ve ever seen before. But let’s not diverge that much at this point 🙂

I do not own Valentine; it looked way too pale on my NC 30 skin and I must say even the lady who applied it on me advised me to take it off as soon as possible. It washed me out and sucked all life from my face. But thankfully, this wasn’t the case with Pillow Talk!

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Matte Revolution Lipstick colour and packaging

Pillow Talk Matte Revolution Lipstick

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Matte Revolution Lipstick

Pillow Talk Matte Revolution Lipstick

Charlotte describes this as a nud-y pink, I would say it looks more like a nud-y rose on me. Absolute love. As all other Matte Revolution lipsticks, this is a matte formula but not velvet matte and not especially drying on me. I would say more like matte satin. I have naturally very dry lips and matte lipsticks can unfortunately make things worse, even if I wear lip balm underneath. This one does not dry my lips out more, but it doesn’t nourish them either. I wear some lip balm underneath and then I am happy with the result. Pillow Talk is a relatively long lasting lipstick, and on me it lasts up to 3 hours with drinking and light snacking. It goes completely with food though, so I have to reapply every so often. There are 3.5 grams in that little tube, so that’s not bad at all.

Here is Pillow Talk Lip Cheat next to its lipstick counterpart:

Pillow Talk Matte Revolution Lipstick swatch and Pillow Talk Lip Cheat swatch comparison

Pillow Talk Matte Revolution and Lip Cheat

You will notice that the two colours are really close, with the lip pencil being a little darker which makes sense: you are lining your lips with it and use it around the perimeter of your mouth. I use the lip cheat liner after I apply the lipstick and I am really happy with how natural the result is.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Matte Revolution Lipstick on lips

It being a matte formula and me having dry lips, it does not make the lines on my lips disappear. However, I am generally happy with it and can comfortably wear it. In the photo above I am wearing two coats.

I will prepare a post on all CT lipsticks I have owned over the years and a more general one on her product line, especially her eye palettes which are to die for! I am also thinking about a lifestyle post featuring the cosmetics boutiques around Covent Garden in London. There are so many new boutiques that have opened there and one can find from Urban Decay, Charlotte Tilbury, Chanel to Kiko and The Body Shop. Let me know if you’d be interested in such a post.

I will say bye bye with a picture of me wearing the Pillow Talk lipstick and lip cheat but without much other make – up (excluding eye pencil which I smudged a bit). I sometimes love doing this: a bit of eye pencil, lipstick, my glasses and untameable wavy hair is enough for a put together 2 minute day look. Thinking about it I should have done my eye brows a bit too. But hey, no time this time! I am a glasses wearer and as you will see in other posts, I love certain  looks with my glasses. Let me know if you’d like me to share those with you, fellow glasses wearers?

I hope you have a lovely day and I’ll see you soon. And whatever you do, remember to smile 🙂

Eleni xx

Chalotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Matte Revolution lipstick

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