Mini haul: Zara Skirt with Sash Belt and White, Open Neck Shirt

Why, oh, why do I have to spot all mouth watering clothing items when my salary hasn’t come in yet? Is it the universe telling me something? Is it some sort of divine conspiracy? 😂 And then, as it happens, I get worried that my local store will run out of my size or even sell out!! How strong can a woman be? Sometimes very, but some others less so, especially when it comes to something reasonably priced. And that’s exactly what happened with that Zara skirt and open neck shirt!

Zara skirt (high waist) and Zara Shirt
The Zara skirt that made me rush in the shop!

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Four dresses, my sunglasses and a hat: holidaying in Greece

Well… almost four dresses…! Hello! This is going to be a different post to the usual ones, as it’s not a review per se.  You see, I’ve just come back from holidays in Greece and wanted to share a little bit about a couple of outfits that I really enjoyed. Oh, and a couple of make-up looks, although I treated my skin to not much make-up! I hope it’s fun to read and potentially of help to those needing some inspiration as to what sort of clothing items to take with while on holiday in a warm country!

Tinos, Greece - Greek island style
Getting lost in white washed streets on Tinos island

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Chanel Ombre Premiere Eyeshadows; Review, Swatches and FOTD

Hello there! As I write this post, I have the most beautiful view one could have wished for: seaside, a boat, and the lights of a couple of Aegean islands glimmering in the background of a relatively dark, wavy sea. I can hear the waves more than I can see the sea itself; you see it’s almost midnight. Somehow I can’t sleep tonight (I blame it on the ice cream), so I thought I’d write a bit as I relax on our hotel balcony. It’s warm, breezy and quiet after all, so writing would be a pleasure. As would be talking about the new Chanel Ombre Premiere eyeshadows. Have you guys checked them out? I’ve put some of them to the test since they launched in the UK and here go my thoughts.

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