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Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips: Review, Swatches & FOTD

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips – My picks

Another Hollywood beauty secret revealed to us by celebrity make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury! And this is also her answer to the liquid lipstick trend that’s all over at the moment. If you read this blog, you will know my lips are quite dry, so I’ve recently decided to go back to more creamy formulations and stop buying matte lipsticks, because much as I like them they inevitably feel less comfortable. However, when they Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips were launched, I had to make an exception! And I haven’t regretted it.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips – My picks

the shades/ swatches

The Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips come in nine new shades, mostly variations of pinks and plums but you’ll find a nude and a red nestled in amongst them too. The shade variety isn’t massive but is in line with Charlotte’s love for beautiful pinks, skin tone correct nudes and glamorous reds. The packaging is gorgeous. Rose gold, Charlotte’s signature colour and enough transparency at the front of the tube that you can tell the colour. It’s a jewel to hold, as with most of her products.

The Hollywood Lips stand in the CT boutique in London

The Hollywood Lips stand in the CT boutique in London

Let’s have a look at the swatches, to start with:

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips swatches: From left to right: Too bad Im bad, Screen Siren, Dolly Bird, Platinum Blonde

From left to right: Too bad Im bad, Screen Siren, Dolly Bird, Platinum Blonde

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips swatches. From left to right: Dangerous Liaison, Best Actress, Show Girl, Rising Star

From left to right: Dangerous Liaison, Best Actress, Show Girl, Rising Star

There is another shade called Charlotte Darling which wasn’t available to swatch the day I went to my local CT counter. It’s a beautiful nude though. I walked away with Too Bad I’m Bad and Show Girl. Both shades look good on me, but I’m head over heels with Too Bad I’m Bad, it’s definitely my type of pink.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips in Too Bad I'm Bad on lips

And this is how the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips in Too Bad I’m Bad looks on me

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips in Showgirl on my lips

Here I’m wearing Show Girl

Show Girl looks a tad darker than what I expected but I still like it and enjoy wearing it a lot.

(PS- How amazing is that Sisley mascara? That’s two coats in the photo.)

main features: consistency and the applicator

With regards to consistency, Hollywood Lips are quite thick. Thick and mousse like. I don’t find them to be light-weight upon application, to be honest. They apply smoothly but I feel that I have lipstick on… till they set. Then I forget that I have anything on my lips, they become one with them. The finish is matte and, in my view, the colour pay off is their strongest selling point. They’re incredibly pigmented and long lasting. A little goes a long way, they’re buildable and after eating or drinking they also leave a stain. That’s a great bonus in my book!

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips in Too Bad I'm Bad (light pink) and Show Girl (darker mauve) swatches

So wonderfully creamy… Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips in Too Bad I’m Bad (light pink) and Show Girl (darker mauve)

I have a love-hate relationship with the applicator though… Have a look, it’s quite slanted and pointy, so that you can line your lips with the product first and then fill in with colour for the perfect pout.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips - close up on sponge applicator

The Hollywood Lips’ sponge applicator is quite stiff and slanted

The applicator is also supposed to pick up just the right amount of product. For me it picks a bit more than I need. Since these lipsticks are so pigmented, I don’t need so much. I instead prefer to build up slowly so that I can achieve the effect and intensity I want. So, although I’m sure Charlotte had good intentions and I love how I can line my lips with this applicator, I don’t love it for giving me more product than what’s needed.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips close up to the sponge applicator

Another look at the applicator

Performance on dry lips

Hollywood Lips are meant to contain moisturising ingredients that offer lips comfort and keep them hydrated till removed. I can say that this isn’t something that I’ve felt holds. They don’t hydrate my lips. However, they don’t cling onto dry patches and if fact, because the consistency is so creamy, it helps make any dry patches less visible. So, although I’m not getting any extra hydration or comfort, my dryness isn’t exaggerated during wear time.

Saying that, as with most Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks I own (here’s my collection), these last amazingly well. It’s only after a good five hours and once removed that my lips feel dry and I need my lip balm. This is pretty good, all things considered! I can reapply, of course, but I need to use lip-balm the second time round. When applied over a lip balm, these work better on me and last just as long. Don’t expect miracles, but, equally, these won’t work against any dryness for a good 5 hours. I’ve reapplied many times during the day and as long as I have a lip balm to prep my lips at hand, I can still enjoy the beautiful shades and longevity of Hollywood Lips.

brief Comparison to other matte liquid lipsticks I’ve tried

I’d say that the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips are the most pigmented and long-lasting matte liquid lipsticks I’ve tried. They’re more long lasting than the Bobbi Brown Art Stick Liquid Lip, which comes close in pigmentation levels though and there are more interesting shades available.

In terms of comfort, I still think nothing beats Lancome’s Matte Shaker. However, the Matte Shakers aren’t as pigmented or long lasting. Their consistency is thinner and feel equally light weight. Nars have also launched a new line of matte liquid lipsticks which are well pigmented but felt less comfortable on my lips than the other options mentioned above.

I hope this was helpful, my dears. You can check out Charlotte’s Hollywood Lips here. They cost £24.

What’s your favourite matte lipstick?

Have a great day and speak to you soon!





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  1. Velvet Blush August 22, 2017

    I was really looking forward to reading a review on these, just to see how they compare to the other liquid lipsticks! I think there are some nice wearable shades here and I especially love show girl (it looks fab on you). I haven’t tried many yet but I want to pick some up, and ideally in shades like show girl as I think you could wear it anywhere x

    Velvet Blush

  2. Amy August 22, 2017

    Thanks for such an in-depth post on these! I have been dying to try them but am not 100% yet because I find matte lipsticks are too uncomfortable to wear. I love them and have many, but day to day I just can’t be bothered with the dryness. Something which is in the middle ground sounds great though, so I may have to get down to the counter and swatch that nude shade!

    Amy –

  3. Shireen L. Platt August 22, 2017

    This is such an in-depth review, thank you! I thought these would be the ones for me but sounds like it’s just okay and nothing mind-blowing.

  4. Alina Blazquez August 22, 2017

    I love Show Girl on you! Beautiful!! And such a complete review!


  5. Yiota August 23, 2017

    Show girl is such a gorgeous mauve shade, I love these shades for fall and I think it compliments your skin tone! I started wearing creamy and comfortable lipsticks too but I sometimes make an exception when I find matte shades that I don’t own in my collection.
    Great review Eleni xx


  6. Kris August 23, 2017

    I LOVE all the shades!

    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris
    Kris recently posted…MY FAVORITE TIPS & TRICKS! beauty edition

  7. Caterina Sosso August 24, 2017

    HOW NICE!!!!! They look gorgeous on you <3

    Caterina |

  8. Sofia August 25, 2017

    Show girl looks amazing on you!!

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

  9. Tania August 27, 2017

    A brilliantly done review and the colours look stunning on you. That Sisley mascara, why you gotta be so expensive, Sisley.

  10. A Very Sweet Blog August 28, 2017

    The applicator is horrible! Another brand just changed to that applicator and I didn’t like it. The colors are beautiful and both colors look beautiful on you. I like a moussey formula but they do not provide extra moisture. Thanks for reviewing these!
    A Very Sweet Blog recently posted…Kiehls Skin Care Starter Kit Review and Swatches

  11. charlottaeve August 31, 2017

    I think my favorite matte lipsticks are actually semi-matte. I like Zuii Organic’s Classic Lipstick Formula and MAC’s Satin lipstick. And lately I’ve been liking glossy or creamy formulas more – not sure if it has something to do with trends or just a personal preference. 🙂

    x Charlotta |

  12. LindaLibraLoca August 31, 2017

    With my lips being on the drier side too I haven’t really bought into the liquid lipstick trend. I don’t think I own more than two of them and I have no intentions of changing that anytime soon. I just stick to my satins and creamy formulas.
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted…Skincare Favorites Giveaway

  13. Diana September 1, 2017

    Thank you for such an honest and detailed review! I have heard about Charlotte Tilbury, things both good and not too good, but these shades do look wonderful on you! I think lipsticks that don’t hydrate are not too bad, but if they dry my lips out that would be the only issue I’d have!

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