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Bobbi Brown Glow Stick: Review, Swatches & FOTD. Ready to shine?

Hi there! I hope you’re all having a relaxing Saturday, whatever this might mean for you! I’m taking it easy today, but was determined to have another post out for you. There’s so much happening in the world of beauty right now, isn’t there? Latest collection that caught my eye was the Bobbi Brown Follow The Sun one, which launched nationwide on Friday May 4th. I have swatched the whole collection and there’s a post with all product swatches and a review of the Illuminating Bronzing Powder here. Still, I thought it’d be worth dedicating a separate post to a part of this collection and a new addition to the brand’s stick product family: the Bobbi Brown Glow Stick!

Bobbi Brown Glow Stick

Bobbi Brown Glow Stick

the new bobbi brown glow stick swatches

Without a doubt there is a trend around highlighting right now. From glowy foundations to highlighters to contouring and highlighting kits, all brands have come up with products that can give you that summer glow. As far as I’m concerned, I love glowing and although I don’t wear much makeup in the summer, especially when I’m in Greece, I always have time for a little bit of highlighter. So when I saw that Bobbi came up with eight different Glow Sticks, I got really excited! Let’s have a look at the swatches:

Bobbi Brown Glow Stick close up

Bobbi Brown Glow Stick as presented in Selfridges

Bobbi Brown Glow Stick swatches of Beach Babe, Desert Sun, Island and Bikini

Swatches of the new Bobbi Brown Glow Stick (lighter shades)

From left to right we have: Beach Babe, Desert Sun, Island and Bikini.

Bobbi Brown Glow Stick swatches of Suntan, Sunkissed and Island Plum

Bobbi Brown Glow Stick swatches (warmer shades)

Once again, from left to right, we have: Island Plum, Sunkissed and Suntan. There is one more shade, Nude Beach, which is a golden bronze shimmer. I’d say that it looks more suitable for medium to darker skin tones but I haven’t been able to swatch that one yet.

As you can see, there are shades suitable for all skin tones, from light to deep. These are heavily swatched but once blended they disappear to nothing and give you that glowy look on your skin.

Bobbi brown glow stick review

I picked up Sunkissed and Beach Babe when I intended to pick up Beach Babe and Island. Sigh… I only have one mind and when I think of fifty different things I make mistakes. Anyway, Sunkissed is quite dark but these are multi use sticks that can be worn on cheeks, eyelids, lips, you name it. I, therefore, intend to use this darker shade as a something to add warmth to my cheeks. Or so I thought…

Bobbi Brown Glow Stick in Sunkissed close up

Bobbi Brown Glow Stick in Sunkissed

Bobbi Brown Glow Stick in Beach Babe

And that is the Bobbi Brown Glow Stick in Beach Babe

Beach Babe looks clear on me, but gives me that transparent glow. It’s nice. However, Sunkissed is more brown. It looks warm on my hand but relatively ashy on my face. Thankfully, as mentioned before, these disappear to nothing when blended in, so I’ve been able to use Sunkissed for a blit of warmth, although I don’t find it to be skin tone correct for me.

Bobbi Brown Glow Stick in Beach Babe and Sunkissed swatches

Bobbi Brown Glow Stick in Beach Babe and Sunkissed

The consistency of these Glow Sticks is very creamy. They are super emollient, bear in mind. This is ok for some, but not for others. Personally, I have to use the tiniest amount, otherwise my face feels heavy and, at times, greasy. To add to that, these don’t seem to want to set, which means that I touch my face and it feels rather sticky.

With that in mind, have a look at the pictures:

Bobbi Brown Glow Sticks in Beach babe and Sunkissed on cheeks, nose and lips

Me wearing the Bobbi Brown Glow Sticks in Beach Babe and Sunkissed

BB Glow Sticks in Sunkissed on eyelids as well as face and Beach Babe on cheeks and nose

With the BB Glow Sticks in Sunkissed on my eyelids as well as my face

I think that both sticks look lovely in the photos and they don’t look indifferent in real life too. I get a little bit of warmth on my cheeks and lips with Sunkissed and Beach Babe works well on the top of my cheek bones and down my nose. What surprised me is that Sunkissed also made an interesting base for the simple brown eyeshadow I used in the look above. It made it look more glossy and glowy! I loved the effect but, as expected, the eyeshadow creased within one hour. Good for a photo shoot if you want a glossy lid effect, but not practical in real life.

However, as I alluded to before, I find the consistency of the Bobbi Brown Glow Stick to be very emollient and too rich for my skin type (combination). This means, that I cannot use Sunkissed to bronze my cheeks because it feels heavy and I need to use the tiniest amount of Beach Babe. If I feel like more glow, I cannot build it up. On the lids, they don’t work for me and on the lips, they both felt sticky and heavy (although very moisturising!).

Saying this, having used just a little Beach Babe Glow Stick on my cheek bones felt ok yesterday. It did, eventually, set and the transparent glow was nice. But even then, I felt my cheeks heavy after an hour or so. All in all, this product can make your skin look brilliant, but I’m not a fan of how it feels on my skin. Much as I love Bobbi Brown Products and I recognise that a Glow Stick is super practical to have with (excellent highlighter on the go!), I have to say that this product isn’t my favourite, due to how rich it feels. I have other highlighters in my collection, which give me that lovely glow and feel comfortable on the skin (e.g. Marc Jacobs Dew Drops, reviewed here or Mac’s Lustre Drops). Maybe The BB Glow stick will work better on drier skin types than mine. In my case, I’ll probably only use Beach Babe, but just because I’ve bought it.

useful information and conclusion

The BB Glow Stick is part of the Bobbi Gloss & Glow Collection. It retails for £26 for 9gr of product and is now available at your local Bobbi Brown counters or online here. As mentioned, I have posted swatches of the whole collection along with a review of the Illuminating Bronzing Powder. For what is worth, I prefer the Havana Brights Collection to this one (although I know they serve different purposes!)

I hope you enjoyed this review! Do let me know which highlighters have and haven’t worked for you in the comments below. And are you going to try the Bobbi Brown Glow Sticks?






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  1. h October 2, 2018

    I agree with your statements on the texture. My skin feels greasy with it on although glowy. Altogether a compromise too far! I have two shades: Bikini and glow. I had contouring in mind originally but its too heavy for that. I prefer a lighter texture tbh. Great post! Wish I’d seen it before purchase 😊

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