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Urban Decay Basquiat Collection: Swatches, Review and FOTD.

Hello my dears! I hope you’re all enjoying a relaxing Friday! I certainly am- it’s Elton John evening here at RougenApples’ land. What does this mean? I’m writing my blog post, hubby does incomprehensible coding on his pc and we have Elton’s music in the background, because I simply love that voice! But let’s move from one artist to another, shall we? And a different type of art altogether. Jean-Michel Basquiat was an unconventional artist and his graffitti work says it all. The Urban Decay Basquiat Collection is now here to inspire us all through his work!

Urban Decay Basquiat Collection review

Urban Decay’s words on Jean-Michel Basquiat and the collection

Urban Decay Basquiat Collection

The Urban Decay Basquiat Collection is probably one of the most vibrant collections that are around right now. It is a full collection which will keep everyone satisfied: whether you’re a lover of daring colour or intensity through neutrals, there is something for you.

Urban Decay Basquiat Collection display at Selfridges

Urban Decay Basquiat Collection as displayed in Selfridges, London

As you can see there are two eyeshadow palettes, a cheek palette, three eyeliners and three lipsticks. The packaging is inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat’s graffiti work, so expect it to be abstract, unconventional and colourful. And that’s exactly what this collection aims for too: to foster creativity through colour and art. Well done UD!

The Urban Decay Basquiat eyeshadow palettes £35

You can’t help but love one of the two Urban Decay Basquiat Eyeshadow palettes! Starting with the Tenant Palette, you will find eight cool-toned eyeshadows in mostly matte and satin finishes. Who doesn’t love these pinks and blues?

Urban Decay Basquiat Tenant Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Basquiat Tenant Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Baquiat Collection, Tenant Eyeshadow Palette Swatches Close up

Urban Decay Baquiat Collection, Tenant Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

All of these eyeshadows swatched like a dream and felt soft to the touch. The second, UD Basquiat Eyeshadow palette, stole my heart! And I bought it, despite having said that I’m done with eyeshadows after the Mac Fruity Juicy haul! Anyway, the Gold Griot palette is ideal for the lovers of warmer tones, such as golds and browns.




Great quality, guys. I’m loving this palette right now! The shades are gorgeous and pigmentation is very good! You get mattes and shimmers and there is a glittery  brown. At the end of the post there is a photo with the look I created with my picks from this collection, including the palette, but here’s a close up to the eye look:

Eye look with the UD Basquiat Gold Griot Eyeshadow Palette

Wearing UD Basquiat the Gold Griot Eyeshadow Palette

However much I may love this palette, there is fallout. As such, I’d advise you to do your eyes first, clean up any fallout and then do your base. Once you clean up the initial fall out you can rest assured these eyeshadows stay out for 9-10 hours (over primer).

Both Urban Decay Basquiat Eyeshadow Palettes come with a really good, double ended brush which you can use for blending and lining. Another nice touch is that, once you’re done with your eyeshadows, you can hang this palette on your wall from the little hook it has on the side!

Urban Decay Baquiat Collection, the brush inside the palette

Urban Decay Baquiat Collection, the brush inside the palette

Urban Decay Baquiat Collection packaging

You can hang this palette on the wall if you’d like!

Urban Decay Basquiat Tenant Palette close up

Let’s not forget the well-sized mirror inside the Urban Decay Basquiat Palettes

Urban decay basquiat lipsticks £16.50

I have to be honest, I’ve never owned an UD lipstick… till this collection came out. There are three lipsticks and once again, both the packaging and the quality are exquisite!

Urban Decay Baquiat Lipsticks packaging

UD Baquiat Collection, the lipsticks

Urban Decay Baquiat Lipsticks swatches

Urban Decay Baquiat Lipsticks swatches

From left to right you have: Abstract, Exhibition and Epigram. I’m utterly head over heels for Epigram! I thought I had bought it till I realised the sales assistant had given me Abstract. Abstract is way too pale for my NC30 skin… However, I realised that it was the wrong lipstick I was given after I had torn the packaging open and they wouldn’t exchange it for me, so I ended up with Abstract. I ended up liking it, but for me it’s a smokey eye lipstick only.

Urban Decay Jean-Michel Basquiat Collection, Lipstick in shade Abstract

Urban Decay Jean-Michel Basquiat Collection, Lipstick in shade Abstract

The Urban decay Basquiat gallery blush palette £27

If you need a pigmented cheek palette that contains your blushes, bronzer and highlighter, this is not a bad option at all! I skipped this one because I didn’t find its content very different from other palettes I already have.

Urban Decay Jean-Michel Basquiat Collection, Cheek Palette as displayed in Selfridges

The Urban Decay Jean-Michel Basquiat Cheel Palette – sorry it’s like this guys, but that’s how Selfridges displayed it.

Many people had been swatching this palette clearly… In any case, all shades were very pigmented and soft to touch.

Urban Decay Jean-Michel Baquiat Collection, the Gallery Blush palette swatches

Urban Decay Jean-Michel Baquiat Collection, the Gallery Blush palette swatched

Urban decay basquiat collection 24/7 Glide on eye pencils £16.50

The UD Jean-Michel Basquiat collection comes with three 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencils. They’re all gorgeously pigmented and I love the shades. Perfect for the summer!

UD Jean-Michel Basquiat 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils

UD Jean-Michel Basquiat 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils

UD Jean-Michel Basquiat 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils Swatches close up

UD Jean-Michel Basquiat 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils swatches.

From left to right we have: Post Punk, Anatomy and Vivid. Which ones do you think I went for?

The Urban Decay Basquiat 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils

The Urban Decay Basquiat 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils

Urban Decay Basquiat Collection 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencils in Anatomy and Vivid

The UD Basquiat Eye Pencils in Anatomy and Vivid

I only skipped the neon green-yellow shade, but I guess that’s probably sensible for me. These two are very pigmented and long lasting but they don’t last more than 2 hours inside my waterline. Nothing compares to you, Marc Jacobs Matte Highliner!

fotd with my picks from the Urban decay basquiat collection

So, I picked up the Gold Griot Eyeshadow Palette, Anatomy and Vivid 24/7 Eye Pencils and, by accident, the lipstick in shade Abstract. Here is a look I achieved:

Full face with the Urban Decay Basquiat collection Gold Griot Eyeshadow Palette, Lipstick in Abstract and Vivid Eyepencil

Me wearing my Urban Decay Basquiat picks (indoor natural light)

As for the rest of my make-up, I’m only wearing a bronzer (to be reviewed soon!) and my foundation is the Chanel Les Beiges Gel Touch which I *love*! I also created a more bronze look for the eyes, which I’m sure I’ll wear again and again:

With the Urban Decay Basquiat Eyeshadow Palette in Gold Griot on my lids

With the Urban Decay Basquiat Eyeshadow Palette in Gold Griot on my lids

British weather appreciation moment: Yes, it’s May 5th and I’m wearing a woolly top :D. On my lips I have Lancome’s Matte Shaker in Energy Peach.

Final verdict

Great idea to create a collection like this. Urban Decay and Jean-Michel Basquiat have a thing in common: disruptive thinking. And this collection reflects this, in my view, through the packaging and how colourful it is. All products I tried are great quality, but the eyeshadows produce some fall out.

You can check out the collection online here and swatch it, for the time being, only at Selfridges in London. It will be available nationwide in mid May.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments below whether you’d pick any of these items up and what are your thoughts on this collection in general!

Have a beautiful weekend and speak soon!





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  1. Amy May 6, 2017

    I actually love that lipstick on you. I agree, I’d be all over Epigram as well (and may make time to go to the store tomorrow!). I always say I’m going to buy a nude lipstick and then fall for the colorful ones. Sometimes the best way to branch out is by accident, I guess!! I’d be thrilled to be made to try this, because it really does look lovely, and it really does make your eyes look stunning!

    • rougenapples May 6, 2017 — Post Author

      I didn’t purchase Epigram because, if I’m honest, I got annoyed they didn’t take abstract back. Don’t get how when a sales assistant makes a mistake we have to lose our money and double pay them? It’s a gorgeous shade though.

  2. Shireen L. Platt May 6, 2017

    I just checked on this collection two days ago and it wasn’t available for purchase yet! The pigmentation is crazy amazing!

  3. Yiota May 6, 2017

    What a lovely colourful morning read!! The first palette is gorgeous!!! Look at these colours!! You always create the best looks Eleni xx


  4. Dorit May 6, 2017

    Energy Peach looks lovely on you! I love the palette, but would love to swatch it before committing, and that’s rather difficult over here… I usually hate the fallout from the UD palettes, but the colours look lovely!

  5. Silverkis May 7, 2017

    Thanks for the swatches, Eleni! I love what you did with the collection, your eye look is spot on! I love Jean-Michel Basquiat, and am so tempted to collect them all… but the carton packaging gives me pause.

    • rougenapples May 7, 2017 — Post Author

      Oh, I see… well, it is carton but feels very sturdy and almost glossy to the touch. But if you’re not into that type of material, the whole collection has it, so yes better to skip this one Linda. 💋

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