A day trip to Arachova, a beautiful mountain town in central Greece.

Hello again! Have time for another post today- also, I’m in a mood for writing! Rougenapples is primarily a beauty blog, but how about a travel post here and there or a recipe of a Greek dish? Wouldn’t it be fun? 🙂 Let me take you to one of my most favourite places in Greece for the next five minutes: Arachova.

Arahova Town in Greece
Rooftops in Arahova Town and oh, wait… snow on the mountains!

I know that when people think of Greece they tend to think about the sea and the sun and how lovely it is in the summer. They also think about ancient history. So, we Greeks normally get two types of visitors, the ones who want to explore an ancient civilization or your summer travellers, seeking a paradise beach holiday. But Greece is so much more than that. The north of the country is very different from the islands and the south. For example, Arahova is a great place for a weekend escape and yes, you can enjoy the snow there as the mountains tend to be covered in snow in the winter. This picture was taken mid to end February when the weather is warmer and there was still some snow on the mountains. Obviously, it’s not Austria level snow (!), but we definitely get enough.

The town of Arachova isn’t very big. It’s all walkable in a small amount of time and many schools go there on a one day trip even.

Arachova, Greece
A view of Arachova Town, Greece

Towns like this tend to be well known for their luxury hotels, resorts and chalets. Most such places in Arachova will be a combination of wood and stone. So special for an Athenian like me, this type of architecture blows my mind. The whole town is like that, grey brown stone pavements and walls, fire red brick rooftops, narrowish balconies with beautiful flowers and wooden details on window shutters.

Arachova street in greece
Typical street corner in Arachova – restaurants and cafes are abundant
Arachova Greece
Stone and wood in Arachova’s architecture is a wonderful combination

The streets tend to be quite narrow and some of them have little stone steps as they lead uphill to the upper parts of the town. Small traditional shops or cafes tends to be around those. These shops are decorated in a folklore, traditional style with hint of modernity though and add to the colours and atmosphere of the place.

Narrow street in Arachova Greece
Narrow streets in Arachova
Arachova Greece
More narrow streets in Arachova

Arachova is well-known for its top quality dairy and meat products. If you ever visit, don’t leave the place without purchasing some formaela cheese or taste the local formaela saganaki (fried formaela cheese recipe). You will also find some very traditional, almost homemade sweets which we call “gliko tou koutaliou” meaning the sweet of the teaspoon. It a syrupy sweet with tasty fruit and looks like this when in a jar:

Arachova shopping in Greece
Upper row: Gliko tou koutaliou (sweet of the spoon) in different tastes like orange and plum

Remember I spoke about the shops being beautifully decorated? This was my favourite:

Arachova Greece
Local shopping in Arachova includes beautiful decorated spaces in the main shops

The town has two main squares, one of which is really pretty and was washed by the sun on the day. You can relax feeling the height of the mountains around you as well as the warm sun. Had some very tasty coffee there!

Square in Arachova, Greece
Square in Arachova, Greece

The town’s main Church is beautiful! Located at the far end of the main street with a view to the mountains on the other side. Here is a photo I took from the bus as we run out of time and didn’t get a chance to visit this time:

Arachova Greece
Main Church in Arachova and the view around it

For those interested in history and archeological places, within only 15 mins drive from Arachova you can get to Delphi. Delphi is surrounded by wonderful mountains and is stunning. History meets nature and it’s a place where you can feel continuity and eternity in those monuments. You can visit the ancient ruins there and the museum of Delphi which is my favourite one in Greece.

Delphi, Greece
Delphi view, Greece
You can hopefully spot the ancient monuments in the distance (one of the two)

The museum of Delphi is very well known internationally. There are some amazing statues inside which I’m not going to get into the detail of, as I know that might not be some readers’ cup of tea. However, it’s worth mentioning the Heniokhos statue which is one of the most important Ancient Greek works of art and is considered one of the finest examples of ancient bronze statues. You can find this in real size in the museum (about 1.8 m) and the most amazing part of this statue is the eyes. The brown eyes of it.

Charioteer of Delphi, Heniokhos
The Charioteer of Delphi, or just Heniokhos
Charioteer of Delphi/ Heniokhos
Face of the Charioteer of Delphi/ Heniokhos

This statue is part of a whole sculpture which unfortunately hasn’t been found in its entirety, but the picture of which can be found in the museum. For more information on this please read the wikipedia entry. Much as Wikipedia won’t provide the whole picture and history, it’s a good basic intro.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know your thoughts on more travel posts in the future?


Eleni x


10 thoughts on “A day trip to Arachova, a beautiful mountain town in central Greece.

  1. I would love to see more travel posts from you Eleni, I love Greece so much and I visited many places in the last years, but not Arachova. We usually spend our summer holidays and we visit a greek island every year, summer travellers here 🙂 I cannot find the words to describe the beauty of this country, it has everything.


  2. Yes a travel post now and then is lovely! I visited Delphi as a high school trip from the US… it was stunning. The wildflowers and rolling hills were amazing. I brought a sketchpad and a fisherman wrote the name of the island he was from, which I so appreciated! Very friendly place. Next time, maybe you can snap us a pic of your look the day you visited the town, too!! 🙂

    1. Hi my dear! Ah, yes, good idea! Will do next time. and I still owe you the makeup with glasses post, but it’s on my list. Just need more time to write this one :). Glad you enjoyed Delphi and Greece, people usually are super simple but, yes, very friendly. Hope you’re well xx

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