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Le Métier de Beauté Indelible Eye Prism does justice to its name in every single way!

Hello my lovelies! I hope you’re having a great weekend! It’s really cool being back home during the Carnival. Many people don’t know that we Greeks have the Carnival – actually we do and it’s rather big. We’re currently on week 2, so have another week left to enjoy. Before I was off to Greece, hubby got me a lovely present for Valentine’s Day, which included a liquid eyeshadow by Le Métier de Beauté. To be honest, I wasn’t super familiar with the brand, as they launched very recently in the UK and only at Space NK. Had heard of their Kaleidoscope palettes, but never had the chance to swatch these. Well, I’m glad Space NK brought the brand to us! I’m still exploring it, but there’s one thing I can say for sure: Le Métier de Beauté Indelible Eye Prism in Sherpa is simply GORGEOUS!

Le Métier de Beauté Indelible Eye Prism in Sherpa packaging

Métier de Beauté Indelible Eye Prism – Sherpa


Le Métier de Beauté might sound French, but is actually an American brand, founded in 2008 by designer Richard Blanch. Setting the bar high, Richard created a brand with highly curated products that promises to be up there when it comes to quality. Lots of Métier de Beauté products reach pharmaceutical standards, as they were created by dermatologists to target specific needs. The brand’s approach is customer-centric and as such, everything they do aims at pleasing the consumers who put their trust in them, from the quality of product to their customer service. Have a look at the brand’s mission here. I certainly loved reading and applaud their values.

Le Métier de Beauté Indelible Eye Prism- Sherpa

Le Métier de Beauté Indelible Eye Prism is a liquid eyeshadow, similar to the Armani Tint or Fluid Metal Eyeshadow by the Estée Edit (reviewed here). These products all have different pigmentation and finishes, but the basic idea is the same: liquid, lightweight and long-lasting eyeshadow. And that’s exactly how Le Métier de Beauté  describe the product: “…these weightless liquid shadows are indestructible, crease proof and radiant… easy to apply, long wearing formula…” (taken from here). But before we get to how this product performed on me, let’s start from its packaging and colour.

Colour and packaging

I have to admit I was lucky. Hubby chose the *perfect* shade for me (if you’re reading man, I reiterate I’m impressed at how knowledgeable you’re becoming *cough* *cough* *wink*)! As such, what impressed me the most was the shade I was given. And when I went back to Space NK to check out the brand, I was impressed by the shade selection for   the Indelible Eye Prism range. And what impressed me the most is that the offering is not massive, but what’s offered is really nice!

Sherpa (as with all MDB Eye Prisms) is housed in a tube. There is a sponge applicator that can be used to apply the product onto your lids. Holding it, the product feels quality. Thumbs up on the packaging which is simple, but very elegant. What’s even more elegant though, is Sherpa’s colour. It’s a very complex olive/khaki with gold glitter particles. There is this brown tone to it at times too, making it even more complex. How it looks in different lights can also vary: it can lean warmer or cooler on me. I can’t rave enough about how much I like the colour, especially on brown eyes. Initially, I thought it reminded me of Charlotte Tilbury’s Veruschka, but not really. Sherpa is less green, more olive and way more complex. Beautiful!

Le Métier de Beauté Indelible Eye Prism in Sherpa open tube and sponge applicator

Le Métier de Beauté Indelible Eye Prism in Sherpa

Le Métier de Beauté Indelible Eye Prism Sherpa swatch on medium toned skin

Le Métier de Beauté Indelible Eye Prism in Sherpa

Have I said I love this colour? *grins*


Sherpa’s performance on me was very good too. I wore it three times in very different weather conditions and it’s not disappointed. First time was for 2-3 hours only, but on top of a powder shadow (I know that’s unorthodox but couldn’t help trying it on just as I was given it! Don’t call me impatient though ;)). It performed great. Second time, was in London on a cold, wet day when I was out and about (I know, lucky me!). It did very well. And third time was in Greece, under the sun, in a dry, still cold climate. Once again, it did great, lasting a good six hours.

Whatever the weather, these Eye Prisms seem to live up to the expectations. Lightweight? Tick! Easy to apply? Tick! Radiant? Tick! Long-lasting? Tick! Sherpa is incredibly blendable too. In a nutshell, Sherpa applies beautifully, lasts well enough without a primer (creased after 6 hours on my oily lids- this is a record for me) and gives me a luminous, earthy toned eye look.

If I’m strict and could ask for more, maybe a little more pigmentation wouldn’t harm. Don’t get me wrong, this is a pigmented eyeshadow and applies evenly. However, I feel that I needed two coats to achieve the opacity I wanted. One layer is enough for an everyday, softer look. With its consistency being so thin, there is also a danger of sheering it out more than needed. I find the best way to apply this product was in two layers, allowing it a few minutes to dry and set, while blending away only the very edges, so that the colour looks diffused and there are no harsh lines.

Le Métier de Beauté Indelible Eye Prism in Sherpa worn on brown eyes

Me wearing Sherpa (day light, 1 coat)

Le Métier de Beauté Indelible Eye Prism in Sherpa close up on brown eyes

Me wearing Sherpa (day light, 2 thin coats)

Le Métier de Beauté Indelible Eye Prism in Sherpa close up on closed eyes

Le Métier de Beauté Indelible Eye Prism Sherpa (sun light, 1 coat)

Le Métier de Beauté Indelible Eye Prism in Sherpa close up on open brown eyes in day light

How Sherpa looks in direct sun light (1 coat)

In the photos above, I used *a bit* of bronzer in my socket and highlighter in my inner corner but that was all (excluding the photo with my eyes closed, where you can see Sherpa on its own). Sherpa is an all over the lid shade for me. I also applied it in my lower lash line and it lasted well. Can you see how amazing it looks in the sun light?

Here is an everyday look I achieved with Sherpa:

Le Métier de Beauté Indelible Eye Prism in Sherpa on eyes

Sherpa on my eyelids (day light)

Le Métier de Beauté Indelible Eye Prism in Sherpa on eyes

Sherpa lasted very well after 6 hours. The colour looked equally vivid. (Photo taken indoors)

I’m not a fan of my base in the photos above (was testing a tinted moisturiser which I’ll review soon), but I love Sherpa. I’d also like to try another Le Métier de Beauté Indelible Eye Prism, so that I can see whether such good performance is consistent across the range. I’m eyeing Lurex. In the UK, Le Métier de Beauté Indelible Eye Prism eyeshadows are exclusive to Space NK and they retail for £36 (ouch!).

Have you tried any Le Métier de Beauté products? How do you like them?

Enjoy your Sunday and speak to you soon!



P.S. The joy of haircuts! As you can see, I’ve had one. It ended up being way shorter than what I wanted, so a bit worried my wavy hair will go wild… let’s see. Why is it that I haven’t been able to get a good haircut since last summer, I have no idea. That’s better than the last two I had – excluding its length, so I sort of like it at times, but I’m not there yet. Now I’ll have to grow it all back and wait till it’s significantly longer to reshape it, sigh. Any funny haircut experiences you might have had? x

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  1. Astrid February 23, 2017

    I haven’t tried them out (yet)! But would definitely be on the lookout for them now. This color looks super gorgeous on you! And kudos to the hubs for picking the right shade! *g*

  2. rougenapples February 23, 2017 — Post Author

    I’m still exploring the brand myself, but this first introduction was positive. BTW- if you like Veruschka by CT, you’ll like this one (less pigmented tough). Hubby did very well this time indeed, he’s learning well 😉

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