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Armani Power Fabric Foundation: Review & Swatches

Hello everyone! Γειά σας (Greek for Hi = yia sas)! I hope you are all very well! First of all, I would like to say thanks for visiting my page, leaving your wonderful comments below and starting a conversation with me. This is why I started a blog: to communicate with you all and share views on the many beautiful things in life! Thanks to those who have subscribed too! Means I’m not that bad a writer after all ;). I promise some exciting posts are coming up, both on newly launched products and some not so new ones – holy grails for me, though. For today, I have a burning hot, brand new foundation launch for you: the Armani Power Fabric Foundation!

Giorgio Armani full coverage Power Fabric Foundation on medium skin tone

Me getting excited over the Armani Power Fabric Foundation!

The Claims:

Armani Beauty launched the Power Fabric Foundation with all of those ladies wanting full coverage in mind. Power Fabric is marketed not only as high coverage, but also as super light and suitable for all skin types, especially those that are particularly uneven and need an extra bit of help. This is a matte foundation, with SPF 25, that promises impeccable coverage for up to 16 hours.

Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation packaging

Skin type and first impressions:

My skin is combination, on the dehydrated side, and as such, it can get oily in the T-zone easily during the day. My major concern is spots, as my skin can be super sensitive to products that do not agree with it and react with really bad break-outs that last forever and can leave marks. I discovered a couple of years ago that less is more for me. As such, I do not opt for full coverage foundations day to day. I love BB creams and tinted moisturisers as well as lighter cover foundations that are super gentle and let my skin show through. Just to give you an example, on my wedding day, I wore MAC’s Face and Body, which is super light coverage but long-lasting. I was really happy with how it looked both in real life and in the photos.

As a consequence, what works well for me is to have a simple skin care routine, clean my face religiously twice a day and go for lighter, but effective, coverage all over my face. Any acne/pigmentation that shows up I cover locally with a concealer, but my aim will be to treat the spots, so that I eventually won’t need a product there and can get away with sheerer coverage and good skin underneath. That’s not easy and it’s all a matter of personal preference, but it means I don’t reach for full cover foundations often (with 1-2 exceptions). When I first tried Power Fabric at my local Armani Beauty counter, I was impressed at how light-weight it was, while covering up every single imperfection. I took a sample of the shade 6.5 and purchased 7.5 because I suspected I’d be a mix of the two.

Me without anything on my face on a not so good skin day when I was quite tired and had very few hours of sleep

Armani Power Fabric Foundation on medium skin

Me after a light layer of the Armani Power Fabric foundation. You can see it’s evened up my skin tone and I also look less tired as a result

I wore the foundation for a whole day and I was happy to see that even when sheered out, it still gave enough coverage. I did not get oily at all before the 9 hour mark (this is impressive for me!) and the rest of my make up held up really well throughout the day. Where I am dry, it did not exaggerate my dryness or fine lines (maybe a little around the mouth, but was able to fix that by patting with my fingers once). All in all, a good matte foundation. Oh- and when I say matte, imagine a matte foundation that looks natural and mostly skin-like. All in all, I was and I still am very happy with how it performed.

The Armani Power fabric Foundation full coverage on medium skin tone

The Armani Power fabric Foundation on me after 5 hours. Shades 6.5 and 7.5 mixed, no concealer used

After trying it a bit more…

I wore Armani Power Fabric for a week and I can happily report that my first impressions were spot on and consistent throughout the time that I had this foundation on. It’s a great light-weight option for those of you who like high coverage and indeed, it’s very long lasting. You can sheer it out to medium coverage too (that’s what I did) or you can layer it and achieve an impeccable canvas for the rest of your make up. I think that this will be great for combination – oily skin. As far as dry skin ladies are concerned, it can still work for you if you moisturise well.

Despite the fact that I believe this foundation lives up to its claims reasonably well, I can’t see myself reaching for it very often, and this is not because of my preference for lighter foundations only. First, I am still unsure about the colour match. Shade 6.5 (described as medium neutral) is a tad light and for a different undertone to mine (yellow-olive) whilst shade 7.5 is darker. Mixing the two I get closer to what I need but I have seen other foundations match my skin better. Have a look at the swatches below:

Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation shades 6.5 and 7.5 swatches and comparison on skin

Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation shades 6.5 (left) and 7.5 (middle shade), next to my perfect colour match, Bobbi Brown’s foundation in shade 4 (right) for comparison in undertone

The Bobbi Brown foundations match my skin perfectly and they give light to my face, so they are a metric for comparison, as are Nars foundations. My undertone is olive, which is not easy to get right and a lot of the time I fall between shades because I tan… However, I think that, at this price point, one should not need to combine shades. Because I don’t love the colour and don’t find it to brighten my face as I’d have liked it to, I cannot say it’s a five star option for me. Below you can see a photo that was taken outdoors on a bright London day (yes, yes, they exist! Particularly in our flat!). Compare my chin colour to my neck colour and you will see what I mean:

Armani Power Fabric Foundation on olive toned skin in the sun light shades 6.5

Armani Power Fabric shade 6.5 with a bit of 7.5 in the sun light outdoors

You see? Not exactly right. A bit rosy? And the 7.5 shade alone is too dark. Mixed they are ok but I’ve seen better, hence happy but not 100%. Second, although I did not react to this foundation, it did give me some pimples on my chin and a couple on my cheek which means that it’s not the easiest formula for my sensitive skin. And third, it has a fragrance which lingers for longer than I would expect it to. I’m not too picky when it comes to fragranced products, but this one is a bit stronger than I can take. Here are the ingredients for you to have a look:

Armani Power Fabric Foundation Ingredients

Armani Power Fabric Foundation Ingredients

Sorry this is not a great picture guys, I realised this after I threw the box away! It serves the purpose though :). All in all, this is a good foundation for those that have less sensitive skin and can find a good shade match. I’m sure you will enjoy how lightweight it is, whilst it covers and lasts well throughout the day. In the UK, it is exclusive to Selfridges for now. I’d recommend that you go get a sample to try it out, though, unless you know your Armani shade and prefer to shop online at Armani Beauty.

Have a lovely, lovely day and I will speak to you soon!


Eleni xx

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  1. Agata February 9, 2017

    I really really want to try this foundation but I don’t have an Armani counter anywhere near me and I am not spending $60+ dollars to guess which shade I should get. Although I think I’d really like it!
    Agata recently posted…Millions of Peaches, Only One Peach For Me

    • rougenapples February 9, 2017 — Post Author

      It all comes down to finding the right shade and how you like scented foundations. It’s definitely expensive, so better not to take the risk although it’s a good foundation overall. Armani foundations are nice in general.

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