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Chanel Coco Codes Collection for Spring 2017


Chanel Codes Subtils (278) Les 4 Ombres and Libre  Rouge Allure Velvet

Hello beautiful people! We are approaching the end of the week! How nice – I am already looking forward to the weekend and although from next week some major changes are in store for me, I have managed to keep my calm so far, which is unusual. But let’s move onto something more pleasant now. I promised I would review the second quad from the Chanel Coco Codes Collection, namely Codes Subtils. If you would like to read my thoughts on Codes Elegants and the line in general please click here.

Codes Subtils means subtle codes and indeed this quad might be subtle but is really nice! There are four different shades: a pinky “highlighty” sparkle, a golden taupe sparkle, a shimmery warm brown and a satin olive green (my favourite shade). Playing around with this, I was able to create many soft, everyday versions of a smokey eye but it can also be a great quad for an evening, sultry smokey eye too. I thought this would be my favourite palette of the two that Chanel released for this spring but actually I find that the pink and the taupe shades don’t show all that well on my NC30 complexion. I really needed to build those two up to achieve a nice look and even then the pink was not that different from the taupe. Maybe I need to change the way I’m combining those two but so far I am not convinced. A closer look at the shades in natural light and with flash (quad only).

Chanel Coco Codes collection close up on Chanel Codes Subtils (278) Les 4 Ombres opened

Chanel Coco Codes – Codes Subtils

Chanel Codes Subtils (278) Les 4 Ombres from the Chanel Coco Codes Collection swatches in natural light

Codes Coco Codes- Codes Subtils swatches

Chanel Codes Subtils (278) Les 4 Ombres close up of the shades with flash

Chanel Codes Subtils (278) Les 4 Ombres swatches in natural light

Still a great palette. Dream application, beautiful colours if you like your natural tones, good pay off for the darker shades and no fall out (or very minimal as the day goes by, but really nothing worrying). Elegant packaging and this one is limited edition, so if you’d like to lay your paws on it, do it sooner rather than later. The make up artist in the Chanel Boutique in Covent Garden sold me one of the last few Code Subtils they had – said they would probably restock as this palette has been the most popular of the two. As I mentioned earlier, I thought this would be my favourite of the two but after I tried both, I prefer Codes Elegants, especially for an evening look. So, I suggest you check both of them out before deciding where to splurge. In the UK, the whole collection is already available in the Covent Garden Boutique but will launch across the country on Jan 27th.

I also got a lipstick from the Chanel Coco Codes collection and although I was hesitating to get a Rouge Velvet because of my dry lips, I am glad I did so! Libre is just beautiful and it does not dry my lips out at all *grins with satisfaction*. I do use some lip balm before application, but that I do anyway. It lasts almost 4 hours with moderate drinking and nibbling and then I need to reapply.  It’s a rose beige colour which can look more rosy or more pink depending on the light. Absolutely brilliant!

Libre Rouge Allure Velvet swatch and colour

And here is an easy, wearable eye look that I achieved with this palette from the Chanel Coco Codes collection. Please note I did not use an eyeliner/pencil. Instead, I used the dark green shade along the lash lines top and bottom and a bit in the outer corner. In the middle of my lid I used the taupe and the brown shade which I also used in the crease. Towards the inner half of my eye I applied the pink shade but as you will see the taupe and the pink one look more or less the same and merged into one another, even if I did not overblend. Still, I like the natural yet defined result, especially for the day time:

Chanel Codes Subtils (278) Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow quad on brown eyes

And here is the full face with the Libre Rouge Allure Velvet. It’s a good nude on me:

Chanel Codes Subtils (278) Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow quad on brown eyes and Libre Rouge Allure Velvet on lips, wearing Chanel 2017 Spring make up collection

I am also wearing Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation (shades 3&4 mixed) and the Bobbi Brown Eye Opening mascara which I really like (more or less as much as the Marc Jacobs one) but it tends to run out quickly and I need to repurchase more often than I want.

By the way – this is a look that I would happily wear with my glasses. I might take my hair back – or at least my fringe, but even as it is I thought it worked well as it was a brightening effect I was broadly after :

Chanel Spring 2017 makeup collection

And you can see the lipstick looks more beige here :). Chameleon! I just added a bit of clear gloss on top to hydrate my lips a bit more. This picture was taken indoors while I was doing some work and it had already got dark outside, so that’s me in working action!

And that’s all I managed to get from the Chanel Coco Codes Collection. I did not go for the blush, mainly because it didn’t show much on me when I tried it and was very glittery for my liking. I skipped the nail varnishes too, although I am eyeing a couple of shades. Chanel also released a limited edition Blush Harmony which is indeed lovely and if you’d rather splurge there rather than both of the eye quads, you will not be disappointed! It’s very pigmented, very pretty and will most likely suit all skin tones.

I hope you have a lovely rest of the week and weekend and I look forward to speaking with you again soon! Remember to always smile! 🙂

Eleni x

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