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Chanel Coco Codes brings gold intensity on your eyes for Spring 2017

Part 1:

274 Codes élégants eyeshadow quad and Noir Petrol long-lasting eyeliner

Chanel Coco Codes

Hello! I hope you are aaaall having a fantastic week! Who would have guessed that we are approaching the end of January already?! Have you kept up with your New Year’s resolutions? Let’s not speak about mine really *smiles cheekily*! I’m in the process of re-evaluating some of them, as a few might have been too ambitious, but, come February, I will try to stick to my plans more. Time will show if I will manage it though. If you have any tips as to how one can be faithful to their NY resolutions, I’d love to hear them. Anyway, today I am super excited because I am starting the reviews in the blog with a beautiful collection by Chanel. Here are my thoughts on Chanel Coco Codes.

Coco Codes is a collection that features Chanel’s signature colours: golds, browns and beiges. I am over the moon with this collection as I LOVE these colours (You can call me Ms Goldie or Ms Brown if you like. I assure you I will turn to both ;)!) This is a spring collection, despite its more “autumnal” hues, but it’s Chanel, so I would not expect anything less than innovation. Let’s face it, you are talking to a Chanel addict here and although I don’t love all of the line (can’t wait to share my thoughts on the foundation), it’s by far one of my favourite brands for eye and lip colour.

I will split the review into two parts ((Update: second part of the review to be found here) and today we will have a closer look at the Codes Elegants eyeshadow quad and the Noir Petrol eye pencil. And I am telling you, if there is one item to purchase from the Chanel Coco Codes collection, it’s Noir Petrol. Especially if you have brown eyes, it is to die for! But let’s start with the quad.

Codes élégants eyeshadow quad and Noir Petrol long-lasting eyeliner packaging

Chanel Coco Codes -Codes élégants eyeshadow quad and Noir Petrol long-lasting eyeliner

Codes élégants eyeshadow quad colours close up

Chanel Coco Codes – Codes élégants eyeshadow quad

The quad’s packaging is classic Chanel. I personally find this very elegant, even if it is not the slimmest in the market. I think there is something very Chanel to it and for this I love it. There are four eyeshadows inside: a light gold with a bit of yellow, a more olive leaning gold, a silver and a brown. They are all shimmery with the dark brown being the least shimmery of all, but I can still see a bit of gold shimmer coming through. Saying that, it can look matte in day light, so the shimmer is not intrusive at all. Here are some swatches, all taken in natural light:

Chanel Codes élégants eyeshadow quad for spring 2017 swatchesSpring 2017 Chanel Codes élégants eyeshadow quad swatches

These are very creamy to the touch and exceptionally emollient. They literally melt as you apply them. The quality is on a par with other Chanel eyeshadows, so very good over primer. My lids are very oily and as the day goes on, nothing stays put. Over primer though the colours look fresh for at least 2/3 of a 12 hour day and they don’t crease really. There is a bit of fall out upon application, so I suggest doing your eyes first and then your base, but even if not, the fall out I encountered was indeed minimal.

Now, onto my favourite piece of the Chanel Coco Codes collection: the Noir Petrol Stylo. Hands down, brown eyed girls you need this one! But I can see it working equally well on hazel or green eyes. Super flattering shade, sort of dark khaki or blackened olive really. Beau-ti-ful.

Chanel Spring 2017 Make up Noir Petrol Stylo close upChanel Noir Petrol Stylo swatch

Much as I love the colour this doesn’t say put on my oily lids. But that’s to be expected, maybe 1-2 brands make eye pencils that do not transfer in one way or another on me (one being Make Up For Ever). However, the shade is so gorgeous that I can forgive that and try to make it work with primer and a bit of powder on top. Then it performs way better. I’d like to play more with it though and use it as a base for a smokey eye. I will post photos to show you as soon as I manage to do that.

For the time being this is a wearable look I achieved and it did not take me more than 15 minutes for the whole of my face:

Chanel Spring 2017 Codes élégants eyeshadow quad and Noir Petrol long-lasting eyeliner look

And a closer look to the eyes:

Chanel Spring 2017 Codes élégants eyeshadow quad and Noir Petrol long-lasting eyeliner look close up on the eyes

I applied Petrol Noir in the upper and lower waterlines and a little in the outer corner and very close to the lashes on the top and lower lid. Then I smoked that out and blended well with the dark brown eyeshadow (outer and inner corners) whist I applied the mid gold-olive shadow in the middle of the lid for some light. I highlighted with the silver -almost silver olive- eyeshadow underneath my brow bone and close to the tear duct. Must say at this point that 1) I do not edit my photos and 2) they are taken in real light outdoors so that you can see the real effect of the makeup in its wearable versions. I’m not a make up artist and don’t claim to be one, so most of the time I create wearable looks for the working / everyday woman who is busy but still wants a touch of glam.

You can definitely dial up this make up to create an evening look and make it more dramatic with the liner. It is great for a killer smokey eye! As for the rest of my face, I am wearing the Bobbi Brown medium light tinted moisturiser, the Chanel eyebrow pencil, the new cream Bobbi Brown blush and highlight combo (review coming up soon!), the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick  in Penelope pink and the Marc Jacobs mascara which I love! Let me know if you’d like any reviews on any of these products.

Chanel Coco Codes has been available in the US since beginning of January and it will be available in the UK from January 27th. Saying that, you can always go to the Covent Garden boutique – they receive stock about a week earlier. The sooner you get your hands on the quads, the better. I was told they sell like fresh bread – go London!! Always such a rush in this city! But that’s another story.

Are you eyeing anything from the Chanel Coco Codes collection and are you as excited about Noir Petrol as I am?

I hope you enjoyed reading and do come and say hi, would love to read your comments!  I’ll speak to you again soon – take care of yourselves and don’t forget to smile!

Eleni x

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